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Our Brands

Founded in 2014 with the intent on becoming the new generation of loan brokers, Sambla has helped over 630 000 customers to compare loan offers since its launch. Sambla’s philosophy is that anyone, regardless of who you are and what you do, should get the best bank loan possible.


Advisa was founded in 2011 with the business idea of making it easier for anyone to improve their personal finances. Since its launch, Advisa has facilitated over 300 000 customers in assessing their loans and credits with simple and digital processes.


Rahalaitos is a well known loan comparision in the Finnish market. Rahalaitos offers a wide range of financial services that improves customers' daily lives while providing cost savings. Rahalaitos has since 2011 been a pioneer in Finland in developing better opportunities for its customers to apply for competitive loans.


Omalaina has since the start 2013 helped over 400 000 customers to make better decisions in their everyday lives. By offering the Finnish market's widest range of lenders, customers can compare and consolidate their loans and thereby make smarter decisions when it comes to their private finances.


Rahoitu is a challenger brand within loan brokering in the Finnish market and have since the start been successful with their digital marketing and partnerships.


Digifinans is a well established consumer loan broker brand in the Nordics with an extensive customer base in the Danish and Norweigan market. Digifinans has successfully guided consumers to better terms on their consumer loans since the start in 2016


A selection of our partners

Nordax bank
Collector bank
ICA Banken
SevenDay bank
Marginalen bank
Norwegian bank