Our history


Svensk Lånemarknad founded

The company “Svensk lånemarknad” is founded and marks the start of the journey. The intention is to find a simpler way to enable loan comparisons without the customer receiving multiple credit checks.


Svensk Lånemarknad is now Advisa

Svensk lånemarknad changes name to Advisa. The company is founded in Stockholm, Sweden.


Consida founded

The company "Consida" is founded in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first cornerstone of the enterprise that further down the road will be called "Sambla". Consida starts operating in Sweden.


Consida Norway Launch

Consida launches operations in Norway. The company quickly becomes one of the leading services on the market.


Consida is now Sambla

Consida changes name to "Sambla" and is operating in Sweden as well as in Norway. This is the first step towards becoming the biggest loan broker in the Nordic region.


Sambla Finland

Sambla launches its operations in Finland.


Sambla Denmark

Sambla starts operating in Denmark.


Sambla Group comes together

Sambla Group is founded. This is the start of a new era where the two companies join forces. Sambla Group now consists of two brands, four markets and one headquarters. It is an official merge!


Nordic Capital becomes majority owner

Nordic Capital is now the majority owner and is actively supporting Sambla Group in the expansion phase. The goal is to be the best partner for customers, banks and lenders alike.


Sambla Group acquires Rahalaitos


Sambla Group acquires LVS Brokers and Salus